Amy Milner Gould, Math Tutor
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The Theory

The guiding principle of our tutors' approach is this: there is more than one path to success. Forcing students to solve problems in a way that is counter-intuitive shuts them down. By teaching them to be flexible in their thinking, our tutors not only give them the power to overcome academic obstacles but also provide them with a skill that will set them up to achieve in other areas of life.

Our tutors take into account a student’s background and interests, formulating practice problems and examples that are engaging and connect to the student’s life experience. Using real-world examples helps to make abstract ideas concrete, as well as answering the ever-present question: “When will I ever use this in real life?” We also establish appropriate goals for each student, pushing them to achieve more than they ever thought they could, while not expecting a failing student to get an A.

The Practice

Sessions begin using the text and techniques of the student’s
current teacher. If these prove ineffective, our tutors will introduce alternative techniques until we find one that works. Most students work with us for the entire academic year, with a standing weekly appointment of 45 minutes to 1½ hours, depending on age, skill level, and goals. Additional sessions are sometimes recommended if the student has a quiz or test to prepare for.

Tutoring is most effective when the parents get involved. Parents are asked to facilitate weekly communication between their child and the tutor to discuss assignments and performance in school. Parents should also make themselves available for a quick conference every few sessions to ensure that everyone understands the goals and how to meet them.

Our logical yet common sense approach to solving problems serves to demystify the process, allowing students to conquer frustration and fear while gaining confidence.
The first step to helping a student achieve is understanding how he or she learns most effectively.
So you solved for x and found that x = -13 miles per hour. Is it possible to go at a negative speed? Let's recheck your work.
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