Amy Milner Gould, Math Tutor
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Amy Milner Gould — Founder, Math Tutor

Amy fell in love with numbers at an early age, intrigued by number games, puzzles, and the ability to do math in her head. Two advanced placement Calculus classes in high school further convinced Amy that hers would be a life of numbers; she graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. degree in Actuarial Mathematics. Amy spent the next 10 years in the corporate world as an actuary for insurance companies and accounting firms, which was a satisfying but not wholly rewarding career. After the birth of her son and a well-timed restructuring of the company she worked for, Amy decided to change careers and become a tutor. Since 2003, she has been infectiously sharing her love of numbers with students from middle school through college, and enjoying every minute of it.

Veronica Norber — Tutor

Veronica Norber is a native Spanish speaker from Argentina, who enjoys sharing her language and culture with others. For the 12 years that she has been in the United States, she has been teaching Spanish to children and adults. Veronica’s skills vary from coaching students and helping them with their school work to teaching corporate Spanish classes. Veronica is also a certified medical interpreter and enjoys interpreting in different fields in order to help people overcome language and culture barriers. Veronica has succeeded in conveying her passion for the Spanish language to her students in a manner that inspires her students with a genuine desire to learn.

Christine Norton — Tutor

Chris has always loved math and science. She remembers thinking that borrowing and carrying were especially exciting in first grade. In high school, Chris took extra math and science courses, doubling up one year in math courses and the next year in science courses. She started college as a biology major and later decided that her love of math outweighed her interest in science and she graduated with a B.S. degree in Mathematics and a 4.0 GPA. Chris tutored fellow classmates in chemistry, biology, physics, and math courses throughout both high school and college, and discovered a love of teaching. After college, Chris taught math for two years with the Peace Corps. After returning to the United States, Chris again began tutoring students in science and math courses. In addition to tutoring, she recently helped to teach an AP chemistry class.

Sarah O'Connor — Tutor

Sarah has been a biophiliac since she, and everyone else, can remember! Sarah's passion for teaching also began at a young age as all of her summer jobs entailed babysitting, camp counseling, and teaching swimming lessons. During her senior year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Sarah was offered a teaching assistant position for a Molecular and Cellular Biology lab course. This opportunity sparked the realization that the field of education would be a perfect fit. After earning her B.S. in Biology, she moved to San Francisco and began the M.A.T. program at the University of San Francisco while teaching full time. Sarah taught Life Science, Integrated Science and Biology for about 3 years, while completing her Master’s at night. She is now back in Chicago and will begin her 5th year of teaching Biology and Integrated Biology at Loyola Academy, where she has helped develop Biology curriculum for lower tracked students.

Jason Polakow — Tutor

Jason always had an interest in math and science, especially in the subject of physics. He graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. and M.S. in Engineering; with an emphasis on water supply, pollution control and biological wastewater treatment systems. His curriculum included three semesters of physics, fluid mechanics, open-channel hydraulics, particle transport modeling, and hydrologic analysis. During his graduate school tenure, he worked as a teacher's assistant where he taught weekly lab sessions and substituted for the professor for a class that met three times per week. Currently, Jason is an engineering consultant, providing site and civil design services at solid waste, commercial and industrial facilities. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer with the State of Illinois. Jason's vast business development and management expertise has enhanced his ability to communicate complex systems in a way that all can relate to and understand; such a quality makes him an excellent teacher and mentor.

Sarah Blink Polakow, PhD — Tutor

Sarah's interest in science, medicine and how the body functions began at a very early age. While attending Knox College, she majored in Biochemistry and fell in love with research. She worked as a technician at Northwestern University for two years studying breast cancer and immunology before attending the University of Chicago to earn a Ph.D. in Immunology. Her dissertation research focused on mechanisms which regulate inflammation in the lung which has implications for how allergy is treated. Currently, Sarah is a post-doctoral fellow at Northwestern utilizing models of Multiple Sclerosis in order to better understand this autoimmune disease.

Vicki Schneider — Tutor

Vicki Schneider has a Bachelor's Degree in French from the William Jewell College and a Master's Degree in French literature from the Johns Hopkins University. She has twenty-five years of middle school and high school teaching experience: she taught at the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore and currently teaches at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools where she is also an 8th grade advisory and coordinates the high school travel programs to France. She is a recipient of a National Endowment of the Humanities award and the Mary Williams Teaching Award (discerned for teaching excellence at the Laboratory Schools). Vicki spent three years teaching and studying in France and has also visited Morocco. She brings to her classes a vast knowledge of francophone culture, a passion for teaching, and a commitment to making each student feel positive about themselves and their learning style.

Elizabeth Clarke — Tutor

Elizabeth has a Bachelor's Degree in speech-pathology and a Master's Degree in Education. She is certified to teach kindergarten through ninth grade and currently teaches kindergarten at St. Clement School in Chicago. Elizabeth loves to work with children in building their confidence in their academics and teach them to have fun while they learn. Elizabeth has also spent her time in college working as a Applied Behavior Analysis therapist where she did therapy with an autistic child, privately out of his home. She has always loved working with children and teaching them in any way possible. Her specialty is with kindergarten through fifth grade in areas such as reading, writing, mathematics, science and health.

Amy has helped students at every level of skill and interest, from the severely learning disabled to the highest achievers.
Don't say 'I hate math,' until you truly understand it. Then you can hate it all you want.
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