Amy Milner Gould, Math Tutor
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Amy is a math tutor extraordinaire. The unique combination of her sophisticated math knowledge, her ability to relate to adolescent students, her flexibility in terms of scheduling and her nurturing personality make Amy a first-choice math tutor. Amy is always available for email and telephone consultations with my son in between sessions and is great at communicating with parents.
Parent of a student at Francis W. Parker

Some people are born teachers, but Amy has exhibited skills beyond even that. Over the past five years, Amy has coaxed, cajoled, and inspired my daughter to operate at the highest level of which she is capable. By requiring her to come to each session fully organized and requiring her to use analytical thinking and reasoning, Amy has helped our daughter improve her performance not only in math, but in her other classes as well. If anyone thinks I speak in hyperbole - I'll show them her grades!
Erica M.

Amy is smart, her explanations are clear and concise and she helped me improve my Calculus grades, not to mention my 34 on the Math ACT.
Tom McDonell - Boston College Freshman
When students achieve their
academic goals, everybody wins.
I recommend Amy without any reservation!
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